Will the Fisker Ocean ever see the light of day?

Will the Fisker Ocean ever actually surface?

Fisker has announced its newest electric vehicle, the Fisker Ocean. It is supposed to be “the world’s most sustainable vehicle.” It touts some great figures. A base price of under $30,000 after the federal rebate, a vegan interior using recycled plastic, and a solar roof to boot. Henrik Fisker has been all over social media pushing reservations and the social responsibility of the Ocean EV. 

The problem is that having a prototype and press releases is one thing, Bringing a vehicle to production is entirely different. Here’s the question; will the Fisker Ocean ever sell more than 5,000 units? What do you think?

  • Will the Fisker Ocean ever sell more than 5,00 units?

    • Yes
    • No


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Written by Jobindi

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