Will Honda ever be the "Honda" of EVs?

Will Honda ever be the “Honda” of EVs?

At the same time Tesla built its 1,000,000th BEV (which happened to be a Model Y), Honda announced it is ending its only BEV in the US market. Yup, Honda, the company that for so long has been a leader in reliability, longevity, and just being a safe bet in the every-day-people car world, announced that they are killing the Clarity EV. 

Quite a few reasons have been suggested as to why Honda would do this. Perhaps they really are doubling down on plug-in hybrid. Honda has decided to not cancel the Clarity PHEV. Maybe they are holding on to the hydrogen dream. Honda has also decided to not cancel the Clarity fuel-cell. Perhaps they haven’t given up on BEVs yet, but they can’t get the market right. The Clarity was a pretty luxury car for the Honda badge, but it’s hard to get people excited about an 89-mile range. Finally, maybe Honda is pulling back resources for a stronger showing later. In a recent interview with Car and Driver, a Honda rep said the company was “placing more of our focus on the next generation of electrified products that are coming down the pipeline” and said it plans to bring out “new, highly appealing all-electric vehicles” 

Here’s the question: Honda has enjoyed a pretty respectable, stable, even foundational position in the auto industry. With it continuing to delay and resist releasing a fully electric vehicle, do you think it will ever enjoy that same position in the BEV market?

  • Will Honda ever be the “Honda” of the BEV market?

    • You bet. Give them time and they will wow us again.
    • Nope. That ship has sailed and Honda wasn’t on it.


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