Zero Motorcycles gets ready for 2020 by dropping prices.

Zero Motorcycles gets ready for 2020 by dropping prices. 

The short version: 

  • For 2020, Zero Motorcycles has announced new models and prices. 
  • On top of announcing the Zero SR/F, Zero is releasing the Black Forest DSR in the global market. 
  • The Black Forest is an adventure bike with lockable cases, accessory bars, handguards, and a protective headlamp cover. 
  • Zero is also updating the operating system and app for the entire lineup. 
  • The SR and DSR are both getting a price drop of $1,000. 
  • Finally, Zero is releasing some new color options. 

I’ve been watching Zero Motorcycles since the very beginning and it’s been a fun trip. They started out with low power, short range, and quite ugly. I found myself thinking, “I guess since it’s an electric bike I could put up with everything else I don’t like about it.” With every bike they got a little better and now they have great power, long range, and pretty good looking. If they come out with a cruiser my wife might have to hide my wallet. 

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