You Wanna Go On A Road Trip?

You Wanna Go On A Road Trip?

The short version:

  • Before electric vehicles weren’t good for road trips, but now they are.
  • Electrify America just finished installing the first of two electric cross-country networks of ultra chargers.
  • It still takes longer than filling up with gas, but they conveniently placed them near stores and restaurants while your Porsche Tycan recharges.
  • They are going to have another cross-country charging network completed by the end of September.
  • Their goal is to build confidence in EV owners by making long travel in EV’s a possibility and a reality.

So here’s the deal… Electrify America is finally fulfilling what they were made to do, build confidence in EV’s. This is exciting because being in/on an electric vehicle is a thrill, whether it is in a car or another electric vehicle. I can’t wait until electric vehicles take over the world and we lower global climate change and the greenhouse gasses. We are giving the next generation a chance to live in a world that is beautiful and one that is worth living on.


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