Xi'an wants to replace 100% of gas taxis by the end of 2019

Xi'an Launches 200 Electric Taxis, Clean Energy to Replace Gas by 2019.

The short version: 

  •  Xi’an, the capital city of China’s Shaanxi province, is adding 200 electric taxis to its fleet.
  •  The city is planning on adding a total of 6,461 electric taxis by the end of this year.
  •  That would replace their current dual-fuel taxis. 
  •  Xi’an would like to become China’s first emission-free city.
  •  The new taxis have a range of 250 miles.
  •  The lower cost of operation will be a benefit to drivers, as it will increase their net profits.

China seems to be making some great strides to improve its air quality problem. As more cities start seeing the financial benefits, changes like this will increase.


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