Wise father Ford is going to bestow its wisdom on the EV industry.

Wise father Ford is going to bestow its wisdom on the EV industry.

The short version:

  • Ford is planning a Mustang-inspired crossover in 2020, an electric F-150 in 2021, and two crossovers in 2022.
  • Ford’s late entry into the electric vehicle industry didn’t cost them much and will allow them to learn from the mistakes of other companies.
  • Ford currently sells 800,000 F series trucks a year. A 10% conversion to EV would still be huge numbers.
  • Ford claims it will be the first manufacturer that produces a profit with its EV line.

Two things caught me off-guard with this article. First, the apparent arrogance of Ford. It shouldn’t have surprised me, but it did. Of course, they’re not going to say, “Yep, we’re not on the cutting edge of the EV market, but we’re glad to be right in the middle of the pack.” The spin doctors were earning their money, framing it that Ford was wisely waiting until the perfect time to enter the market, then they will majestically step in and show all these automotive children that playtime is over. Nice try Ford. You didn’t have to moxy to do it right the first time (strange how you release a sub 100 mile range, horribly underpowered vehicle and then report how the public just doesn’t like electric cars…) and you were late to the dance on round two. 

The second thing that surprised me was the comments on the article. So many people still hold on to the arguments against EV’s from 7 years ago. Some of them were never true to begin with. You can’t tow with electric, they’re slow, it takes hours to charge, EVs are a fad, etc. Still so much educating to do.


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