Why regular people should care about Porsche vs Tesla.

Why regular people should care about Porsche vs Tesla. 

The short version: 

  • Tesla and Porsche are allowing their high-end models to battle it out around racetracks. 
  • Most of us will never be able to afford these cars, other than the entertainment, why do we care? 
  • For Porsche to take back the lead, they have to let the Taycan out preform the Panamera, the company’s current flagship (ICE) vehicle. 
  • If Porsche decides to allow that, it sends a clear message that electric vehicles perform at a higher level than combustion engines. That might be a bitter bill for Porsche to swallow. 
  • If Porsche allows the Panamera to remail their fastest vehicle, they lose bragging rights at the track. 
  • Whatever happens, the illusion that EV is anything but the future of the automotive industry takes a huge hit. 
  • That benefits us, middle-class buyers, because it opens the market up to more suppliers who see a profitable, mainstream, industry.

Wow, that short version wasn’t exactly short, but this was a great article. Whatever happens, the consumer wins. I’m always surprised how many people I come across in everyday interactions that think EVs are slow, have a short-range, and most likely won’t survive. It’s hard to ignore the future when a company like Porsche is infatuated with it.


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