Why haven’t you heard of GM’s Bolt?

Why haven't you heard of GM's Bolt?


  • The Chevy Bolt is a fine EV, but you, or most of the US market, still hasn’t heard of it.
  • Even though GM has enjoyed the first-to-market position in the past, (EV-1) they have thrown away that position.
  • They have done the same with whatever advantage they gained with the Volt.
  • GM allocates almost zero marketing for their EV line which, since killing the Volt, only consists of the Bolt.
  • It appears GM will continue to be an ICE company, that has a token EV in the lineup.

Some companies are going to get it, and some just aren’t. It’s sad to see GM make decisions that appear to intentionally restrict the growth of their EV market share. Eventually, companies like this will get on board with the changing market, or they will be left behind.

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