Who knows much about the Ford Mustang MyKey… er I mean Mach-E?

Who knows much about the Ford Mustang MyKey… er I mean Mach E?

The short version:

  • EV Bite called 15 Ford dealerships within a 200-mile radius with questions about the Mustang Mach-E.
  • The Ford dealerships were woefully uneducated on the Mach-E.
  • Ford dealership reps go so far as to say Tesla may be better and Ford may or may not bring a gas-powered version of the Mach-E to market.
  • One dealership even said you can’t charge the Mach-E at home, but you can use Tesla Superchargers. 

EV Bite made it clear that in their opinion none of the dealerships were being deceitful. Instead, they just didn’t know anything about a future vehicle their company was releasing. To me, this underlines a massive problem in the EV industry, and why Tesla will always have an advantage over legacy carmakers. Dealerships are slow to change. They are slow to adapt, slow to learn new information, and slow to invest in training. In their defense, EV sales make up less than 5% of sales, so I can see why a commission-based sales rep isn’t putting in the extra effort to learn about EV powertrains. It just isn’t going to pump up their paycheck right now. 

That being said, Tesla isn’t fighting that problem because their sales reps are only dealing with EV. That focus will give Tesla a sales advantage for years to come.


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