Where Are The Buses And Trucks?

Where Are The Buses And Trucks?

The short version:

  • NY has the most famous electrified transportation system in all of the U.S.A
  • Although it is off to a good start, it still has a bigger greenhouse footprint in transportation than the U.S as a whole.
  • NY has a new climate law that is going to help with that, with a white paper for sufficient charging infrastructure submitted in January.
  • They have forgotten to include buses and trucks in this new law, which include diesel trucks, so not only money impact but health as well.
  • It will cost them a lot if they don’t do it right and include large charging stations
  • If they don’t do this right and cost the public their health.

So here is the deal… New York has this all-new climate law that has its transportation going to all-electric, but it has a big flaw……….They forgot to add trucks and busses in this big plan.

If they don’t add trucks and busses in this plan and white paper, it could have a huge impact on not only the greenhouse footprint but also the health of the public. New York has a huge opportunity here. They can’t exactly lead the nation because many other cities have already laid out plans, but they can make a strong statement for vehicle electrification in the public transportation area.

I hope that New York sees this flaw and fixes it before they have to spend huge resources on the outcome.


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