What we've learned from the Cox Automotive 2019 Evolution of Mobility study.

What we’ve learned from the Cox Automotive 2019 Evolution of Mobility study. 

The short version:

  • Cox Automotive surveyed 308 franchised dealers and over 2,500 consumers.
  • 81% of people thought of Tesla when they thought of EVs
  • Although range anxiety is down, charging anxiety and battery cost remain obstacles for people who are thinking about purchasing.
  • Potential buyers also complain that dealers don’t know how to operate and maintain EVs
  • Auto dealers also complain about poor sales training and marketing support.

In all the excitement of the EV revolution, the consistent reports that car dealers are an obstacle in the buying process is infuriating. Yet another reason why Tesla will dominate the EV industry. Until the other manufacturers can figure out how to get their dealers onboard, you can expect to see a lot more “T” emblems at charging stations.


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