VW says they’ll put 22 million EV cars on the road.

Can VW fulfill their 22 million EV promise?

Volkswagen recently announced they plan to put 22 million EV cars on the road in the next 10 years. They will spread them out over 70 different models, belonging to their many brands, including VW, and Audi. The original press release was a little sparse on the details as to how exactly they were going to do that, and it’s already been met with skepticism.

Clean Technica wrote a pretty rough article about the announcement, calling out VW for their lies in the past. In it they claim “VW Group’s head Herbert Diess has bent the truth well beyond a breaking point…” with this latest statement.

Here’s the problem. Right now VW is still recovering from Dieselgate, and they don’t have a solid history of following through on announcements like this (Tesla quality cars at half the price, etc). What you are left with is VW again painting themselves into a situation that would leave a PR department begging for mercy. Don’t get me wrong, I truly hope that they can fulfill this promise. Even if they have to eat the half price comment, putting 22 million EV’s on the road would be pretty amazing. More EV’s on the road = more competition = lower prices = more innovation = better for consumers. Not to mention the positive environmental impact. But I just don’t see this one ending well for our sauerkraut eating friends.

Think I’m off base on this one? Let me know in the comments below.


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