VW is getting its sales and repair people on the EV train.

VW is getting its sales and repair people on the EV train.

The short version

  • Volkswagen will provide a 50% “factory match” to US dealers prepping to sell VW EVs. 
  • The goal is that if dealers are ready and excited to sell EVs, customers will purchase them more often. 
  • This money will go towards dealer training in repair and maintenance, as well as charging infrastructure. 
  • It will also be used in sales and marketing efforts to local markets. 
  • The program will be voluntary for dealers, but VW expects most dealers to take advantage of it. 

This is another really smart move from Volkswagen. Here’s the thing; car salespeople are really good at selling cars. They will sell whatever they are incentivized to sell. If there are spiffs, commission bumps, and company ra-ra meetings around selling EVs, then EVs are going to start moving off the lot. There are so many potential EV customers that aren’t current EV customers only because they just don’t know about the product. VW seems to be trying hard to be the leader of legacy automakers when it comes to embracing the new future. 


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