There's still 1 guy in Colorado that isn't quite sure about this electric vehicle thing.

The short version

  •  Colorado voted 8-1 in favor of a new zero-emissions vehicle mandate.
  •  Colorado is the 10th state to join the ZEV program.
  •  Denver’s air quality has been out of compliance with federal standards since 2008.
  •  The mandate requires 4.9% of cars sold by 2023 to be electric vehicles. The rate increases to 6.1% by 2030.
  •  Auto dealers are not excited about the mandate, expressing concern that they can’t make customers buy EVs.
  •  Some feel the mandate isn’t strong enough, and that Colorado should have been more aggressive in requiring EV sales.

Are you kidding me car dealers?!? You’re scared that customers don’t want to buy EVs? Have you been watching the news lately? They can’t produce enough EVs, and there are reservation lists every time a company announces one. That’s such a load of garbage.

As far as the mandate being not strong enough, I have mixed feelings. Yes, 6.1% in over a decade seems paltry, but I’m not too worried about it. As more people become familiar with EVs, these mandates will become unnecessary. My guess is that by 2030 the battle between ICE and EV will be over anyway.


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