The trucking industry is getting ready to get under the hood of electric transport.

The trucking industry is getting ready to get under the hood of electric transport.

I saw an article on Transport Topics that began to outline what maintenance and fleet managers need to start preparing for as they see more electric drivetrains enter their bays. The article discussed what some of the similar components are between electric and diesel powertrains, as well as some key differences. 

“Fleet executives and maintenance staff will need to become acquainted with two areas of radically new technology. One area is the batteries that store energy, and the other is the power controller that converts the direct current produced by the batteries to alternating current for the motors in an appropriate form for the conditions.”

I won’t breakdown the article here because it was pretty dry and instructional. But it’s for that exact reason that I got excited when I read it. This article wasn’t a marketing piece. It wasn’t published by a pro-EV company trying to convince people that electric semi-trucks are the future. Instead, it was a very matter-of-fact statement. Electric semi-trucks are coming, and here is what you need to know to work on them. There were diagrams of the electric drivetrains, voltage requirements, transmission and torque comparisons, etc. The article read like a Monday morning team briefing. 

Some people still argue about whether or not the EV revolution is real or if it will ever take place. Articles like the one published by Transport Topic proves it is already happening. That part of the discussion is already over. The only question is how quickly we are going to transition.


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