The Tesla Killer just got killed.

The Tesla Killer just got killed.

The short version 

  • The Porsche Taycan just received an EPA milage rating of 201 miles. This is significantly lower that the 300 mile range Porsche was hinting at. 
  • The Taycan also has the worst efficiency for any electric vehicle on the market, coming in at only 69 MPGe. 
  • No legacy auto maker has been about to produce a vehicle that has an official range above 265 miles. 

I think it’s clear that legacy auto makers have seriously underestimated the lead that Tesla has in the EV market. Will they eventually catch up? I’m sure they will, given enough time. Will anybody ever produce a “Tesla Killer”? Nope. That ship has sailed. Even if XYZ auto company produced a car that was faster, longer range, better looking, faster charge time, etc, Tesla is too successful to be brought down in one fail swoop. 

To be clear, I hope in the next 2 to 10 years we see the EV industry crush the ICE industry, and I hope there are 5 to 10 major players. If legacy car companies want to take up one of those slots, they need to get their heads in the game.


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