The Mighty Electron has some renders of their electric truck…and I guess that's newsworthy.

The Mighty Electron has some big news everybody, we’re releasing an electric truck. As proof, we have some computer-generated renders.

Here is our awesome new electric truck on a dirt road. See, we have pictures. That means it’s pretty much a done deal.

Here’s our electric truck on a snowy road. You can tell we’re serious because this truck has our logo on it. 

And finally, just so you know our electric truck is way better than any other EV truck out there, here is a picture of it on the moon. 

The stats on this truck are amazing. So amazing that we’re going to let you make them up in your own mind because that’s what we would be doing anyway. The good news is that you can make a reservation for free. There’s really no binding contract in the reservation at all, but in a few weeks, we’re going to start bragging that a few thousand people have agreed to purchase our sweet truck. Really what they’ve done is signed up for our newsletter, but we’re going to act like the sales are rolling in baby!

So here’s the real post. I’m just a little tired of car companies “announcing” new electric vehicles with a few renders, amazing specs, and a reservation link. I really hope there are a lot of electric vehicles on the market, and I hope a lot of those are trucks but come on people. There should be a rule that you can’t announce a new truck without at least a prototype. Something that can be driven onto a stage at a minimum. 

Just to be clear, TME is not announcing a new truck, but you can signup for our newsletter if you would like. 😉


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Written by Jobindi

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