The eScrambler from Switch might be the best looking cafe electric motorcycle I've ever seen.

The eScrambler from Switch might be the best looking cafe electric motorcycle I’ve ever seen.

The short version:

  • Matthew Waddick, has been creating electric motorcycles for years and has recently released a production aimed prototype. 
  • Waddick started Switch Motorcycles to produce the ebike, called the eScrambler. 
  • The design comes from Michel Riis, a former Yamaha Japan designer—and Danish flat track champion. 
  • Top speed: 93 mph. 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds. Range: 93 miles per charge. 
  • eScrambler has battery pack options of 11kWh and 13kWh. 
  • The bike is also wifi and GPS enabled. 
  • The expected street-legal release date is 2020. 

I typically don’t like cafe-style motorcycles, but the eScrabmler is looking good. At first glance, it looks really basic, even plain. One might even say underdesigned. However, when you start taking a closer look you quickly see the opposite is true. Riis has worked some serious magic on this emotorcycle. Everything looks intentional, clean, and purposefully clean. Waddick said, “Electric bikes are not new anymore. You can’t wow people just by being electric—you need to do better than that.” It looks like he definitely did. 

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