Tesla tear-down confirms the company is way ahead of any competitors.

Tesla tear-down confirms the company is way ahead of any competitors.

The short version:

  • Nikkei Business Publications did a tear-down of the Tesla Model 3, and reports Tesla is 6 years ahead of legacy automakers. 
  • A major reason for this is the Hardware 3 computer at the heart of the car. 
  • Another reason for this is the company not being tied down to traditional automotive supply chains. 
  • When asked about keeping up with Tesla’s tech, one engineer at a major Japanese automaker said, “We cannot do it,” 

Sometimes we forget the revolution Tesla has started in the auto industry. If they would have just electrified the drivetrain, it would have been a good step forward. But they did way more than this. They made a better, smarter, safer automobile. Pretend for a second that, hold your breath, Teslas were ICE cars. They would still be superior to so many other models out there simply because of the technology. The self-driving, the automated safety measures, and so much more. Then when you through in the fact that it’s an EV, the conversation is over. 


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