Tesla is taking over, one demographic at a time.

Tesla's all over Alta Ski Resort parking lot

I was lucky enough to hit Alta Ski Resort last weekend and was amazed by a few things. First, how much snow there was this late in the season. Second, how fantastic that snow was. Third, how many Tesla’s there were in the parking lot. Because I wanted to hit the slopes as quickly as possible I didn’t take the time to count them all, or find out the exact ratio, but wow! There seemed to be a ton of them.

As I was gearing up I got to wondering about what I noticed, and it made sense. Skiing isn’t an inexpensive sport. Tesla’s aren’t inexpensive cars. Naturally in a ski area parking lot you are going to see nicer cars. So I guess that isn’t so amazing. But something else got me excited. Have people started realizing that Tesla is a great snow car?

Maybe Tesla will become the new Audi for the skiing crowd. Perhaps with the release of the Model 3 they will become the new Subaru. One can only hope.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.


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Written by Jobindi

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