Tata Motors is hoping electricity can bring them back to life.

Tata Motors is hoping electricity can bring them back to life. 

The short version: 

  • Tata Motors is releasing a new electric vehicle in 2020. 
  • Due to a new powertrain technology, and a recent cut in taxes on electric cars, the company feels they can bring an affordable EV to market. 
  • Tata feels now less energy needs to be spent proving the case for EVs. Now it’s about making them mainstream. 
  • The model will have a range of 150 miles and carry an eight-year warranty on the battery. 
  • Further details will be coming soon. 

Tata Motors has been struggling for quite some time now. I hope this can help bring them back to a more stable financial standing. To do so they are going to need an announcement with a little more than one stat about range. Perhaps they bought themselves a little time to come up with something good. 

What do you think? Will Tata Motors survive?

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