Subsidies Cut! EV Sales Fall

Subsidies Cut! EV Sales Fall

The short version:

. BYD Co. Sales declined 2.8% in Hong Kong. 

. Blue Park New Energy Technology Co.             retreated 2.9% in Shanghai.  

.Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd    dropped 2.5%.

.The Chinese government cut subsidies of        as much as 50,000 yuan ($7,165) per EV by half. 

The Chinese government is not paying adequate attention to popularize electric vehicles. What happened?  All of a sudden, why in the nick of time did it cut off subsidies, and that too by almost a half. I would suggest, the (UN) United nations incorporates an act which would require all the countries to pay funds for the promotion of Electric Vehicle Technology. This will give a huge boost to the sales of electric vehicles in every country,  and will provide a solid foundation for the next gen electric revolution.The catch line being: ‘No Diesel no petrol, electric vehicles is our goal’.  


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