Rivian releases a new clip about themselves, and it's really good.

Rivian is an electric car company that was quiet for the first few years of its existence. When I say quiet I mean dead silent. Early employees wouldn’t tell their friends what they did for work. However, now that the company has come out of the shadows, its marketing team has been hard at work. Hitting auto shows, local meet-and-greets, and even a booth at CES; Rivian is working hard to get the word out. 

The company’s latest release to the world is “Episode One: The Climb”. The short talks about how the company got started and introduces viewers to Rivian’s founder and a few other key employees. It’s a great piece that really makes me like Rivian more. Based on the title it would safe to assume there are more to come. 

If Rivian can hit their release date at the end of this year, it will do wonders for the company, and the EV industry.


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