Porsche may wish they had a little more Plaid in the Taycan.

Porsche may wish they had a little more Plaid in the Taycan.

The short version:

  • The last few days Tesla has been at Nurburgring testing a new, 3 motor “Plaid” powertrain, and chassis prototype.
  • This came about a week after Porsche set a new record at Nurburgring for the fastest 4-door electric car.
  • An observer for Auto Motor und Sport reports a 7:23 minute lap time, crushing the Taycan by almost 20 seconds.
  • This will not be an official time, but Tesla is rumored to have a few official time slots scheduled later in the month.

This is a very interesting move by Tesla and Musk. First, any person out there looking to defend the Taycan’s performance will easily say Tesla didn’t send a production car. That’s 100% true. So why did Musk do it? Perhaps a long term play to stall potential Taycan sales, hoping people will hold off for the Plaid Model S? Perhaps it had nothing to do with Porsche? Very unlikely when you take into account Musk’s tweets about the Taycan’s times. Maybe Musk fired off a few knee-jerk tweets, booked a flight to Germany, and then some trusted advisors modified the plan a little? We may never know. All I can say is that for me this would have been a little more satisfying if Tesla would have raced a production Model S and beat the Taycan.


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