Porsche just laid it down at Nurburgring, and nobody was there to fire back.

The short version: 

  •  Porsche Taycan set a new record for 4-door electric vehicles at Nurburgring.
  •  The lap time was 7 minutes 42 seconds.
  •  The Taycan is the first production EV with an 800-volt system, as opposed to the more common 400-volt system.
  •  Porsche’s VP of Product Line Taycan, Stefan Weckbach, credits the suspension system and aerodynamics to the record-making run.

The first thing I did when I read this article was scan for Tesla comments. Looks like the P100D has never run at Nurburgring. Also, the P85D, which did run, was under an amateur driver. I bring this up only because Tesla fans have to be livid about this. I imagine it will only be a matter of time before Tesla answers back. Until then, well done Porsche. Looks like you’ve built one heck of an EV there. 


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