Polestar 2 releases EU pricing, and it's right where you might think.

Polestar 2 releases EU pricing, and it’s right where you might think. 

The short version: 

  • Volvo has released pricing for the Polestar 2 in the major European markets. 
  • Prices come out to be between 58,000 EUR and 59,000 EUR (roughly $64,000). 
  • When compared spec for spec, the price is very similar to the Tesla Model 3. 
  • Features include phone-as-key, panoramic roof, and Android Automotive OS. 
  • Volvo will also allow customers to purchase online. 

Not a lot of surprises here. The Model 3 has set the bar and others are adjusting to keep up. It’s hard not to snicker at Volvo for offering the Polestar 2 online, which is such a “me too” move. However, it just makes sense when you’re purchasing a car. My guess is that soon most dealerships will provide that service.


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