Owning a VW ID.3 electric vehicle is going to come with a list of surprises.

Owning a VW ID.3 is going to come with a list of surprises.

The short version:

  • A few people have gotten access to a VW ID.3 EV owners manual, and have posted YouTube videos about their findings. 
  • This isn’t a complete owner’s manual, but its what we have so far. 
  • Range and speed are nice a big on the display. 
  • There will be a HUD that displays speed, and also directions. 
  • The VW ID.3 will have cornering lights and auto high beam diming. 
  • The vehicle’s lights will turn on as you approach, which is a great security feature. 
  • There will be pre-conditioning options available. 
  • Auto-parking features are available. 
  • The entertainment system can play movies, but only when the EV is stationary. If it’s moving, the audio of the movie will still play, but the picture will turn off.
  • No roof racks or towing. 

So here’s the deal…the ID.3 is looking like a really great offering for the EV world. Does it match Tesla feature for feature? No, but it also has a lower purchase price. Personally, I’d be pretty excited to put one of these in my driveway as a commuter car. Now we just need two things to happen. First, VW needs to be able to start cranking these things out of its factories. Second, you need to be able to purchase one in the US. A third, bonus item…we need to see if we can trust VW again.


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