Oh, hi Mazda. You're a few years late, but sure…come on in.

The short version:

  •  An electric vehicle prototype from Mazda may have been spotted in Norway.
  •  Mazda has yet to have launched an EV, and is seen as lagging in the industry.
  •  In the past they have been leaning towards hydrogen fuel cells. This may change that.
  •  Their plans of launching an all-electric car in 2019 have been pushed back.
  •  The vehicle looks like a CX-5 with body camouflage.

Every time I read about a major car manufacturer that doesn’t have plans to release an all-electric vehicle in less than 2 years I just see a dinosaur. When one of them announces they are releasing their first one sometime in the next few years I almost shake my head in disbelief. How is it they are so behind? A few years? It should be a few months. They should have seen the writing on the wall years ago and jumped on board. Anyway, its good to see Mazda dipping their toe in the water. I like their vehicles, and it will be good to have them in the ev market.


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