Norway is having problems putting the cart before the electric horse

The short version:

  •  Norway wants to test wireless EV fast charging but doesn’t have any vehicles that can use the system.
  •  The goal was that taxis in Oslo would be able to charge while waiting at taxi stands.
  •  The country is having a hard time finding a manufacturer that will commit to the test.
  •  Ole Gudbrann Hempel, head of Fortum’s public charging network, stated that the test needs to be on production EVs. This would make sure the results could be replicated around the world.
  •  The biggest setback is that current EV manufacturers are too busy trying to meet current market demand, without taking time to develop wireless charging.

It seems like the technology is already there and is almost ready to be deployed. It’s just that the demand for EVs is already so high that manufacturers can’t keep up. I do think this is where the industry is headed. For whatever reason, we hate wires. We just can’t stand them. As soon as the EV industry has caught up to demand a little, I’m sure we will see wireless charging not far behind.


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