Nissan Leaf goes 230 real-world miles without a driver.

Nissan Leaf goes 230 real-world miles without a driver.

The short version:

  • A Nissan Leaf has completed the longest unaided, driverless journey for an autonomous vehicle in the UK. 
  • The 230-mile drive was from Cranfield, Bedfordshire, to Sunderland was the result of 30 months of work between consortium partners and Nissan engineers. 
  • The test car was fitted with GPS, radar, LIDAR and camera technologies. 

It’s nice to see stories like this about a company other than Tesla. The more companies making advancements in driverless technology the better. The article didn’t make mention of why Nissan selected the Leaf as the vehicle to complete the test. Nothing about this was to test the abilities of an electric vehicle. This just goes to show that people see EVs as the future and that they are linked with driverless technology. New ICE vehicles really are going nowhere quickly. 


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