New EV Battery Can Charge in a Hot Minute…er 10 of Them.

New EV Battery Can Charge in a Hot Minute…er 10 of Them.

The short version:

– Penn State University researchers have discovered a way to charge an electric vehicle battery in 10 minutes

– This would provide 200 miles of charge in 10 minutes without destroying the battery

– To charge electric vehicles, the lithium-ion battery must be heated to 140 degrees then quickly cooled — but done too fast, and the battery will be destroyed. Researchers have found a way around this timeframe by using nickle foil

Currently, the only downside to electric vehicles for a busy, on-the-go individual is a lengthy charging time. For road trips or long commutes, this can cause enough stress that some forego the option of a battery-powered vehicle — though, even current vehicles can last extended periods of time without charge. However, the quicker the charge, the better in a fast-paced world.


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