More states are crying "Highway robbery" when it comes to EVs and the gas tax.

More states are crying “Highway robbery” when it comes to EVs and the gas tax.

The short version:

  • Almost all states have gasoline taxes to help pay for transportation projects, and electric vehicle owners avoid them because pure EVs don’t use gasoline.
  • A new report shows that of the 26 states that currently impose EV fees, 11 charge more than the amount owners of similar gas-powered cars pay in gas taxes.
  • Reasons given for the higher fees include the heavier EVs create more wear and tear on the roads. Another reason is that only the wealthy purchase EVs, so they can afford to pay the fee.

I agree with the argument that the gas tax goes to help maintain roads, so we need to figure out a way to have electric vehicle owners pitch in. But the fees that some of these states are charging is out of line. Perhaps an odometer check at registration would be a more fair way to measure the amount of the fee? What are your thoughts?


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