Mazda still feels PHEVs are the company’s future.

Mazda still feels PHEV’s are the company’s future.

The short version:

  • InsideEVs reports that Mazda has filed patents for what they believe will be the future of their electric vehicle offering. 
  • Instead of going with large batteries, Mazda is planning on using supercapacitors and a range extender. 
  • The advantages of using supercapacitors would be faster charging, faster accelerations, less weight, and less cost. 
  • The disadvantages include less range, hence the need for a range extender. 
  • Mazda plans to use the same range extender, a rotary engine, in all models. 

So here’s the deal… Mazda, are you serious?? Stop with the hybrid vehicles. Investing R&D resources into figuring out how to build a next-generation car with an ICE engine anywhere in it is like trying to make sure your new computer has a floppy disk drive. Let it go! 

I know that full EV adoption is still years away, possibly decades. Many people, including myself, drive vehicles that are older. Many people, not including myself, will still buy new ICE vehicles for years to come. But we’re not talking about Mazda manufacturing current tech while it ramps up a BEV line. We’re talking about the company researching and developing new tech for a PHEV. That, in my opinion, is largely a waste of resources. 


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