Linear Labs develops a better motor (maybe), but its likely ahead of its time.

Linear Labs develops a better motor (maybe), but its likely ahead of its time.

The short version:

  • Linear Labs, a father-son team, says they have developed an electric motor that produces 2-3 times the torque output of any electric motor in the world. 
  • The motor, which they are calling the “Hunstable Electric Turbine” or HET, combines axial and radial flux designs to achieve the desired torque. 
  • Because of the low RPMs required, the HET could reduce the need for a gearbox in electric vehicles. 
  • The HET could also remove the need for the DC/DC boost converter. This component helps convert torque for horsepower. 
  • The Hunstable team states the HET could increase an EVs range by 10%. 
  • Not everybody believes the HET can deliver on its claims, or that it is even the right place to be spending research dollars. Instead, they feel advancements in batteries is where major improvements will be made. 

So here’s the deal…the original article from got pretty technical, and I don’t pretend to understand all of it. Based on what I read, I have to agree with those who are saying, “That’s great, but this isn’t where we are going to see the most bang for our buck right now.” It seems to me that there are larger and easier advancements to be made in other areas of the EV industry, like batteries and charging speed. One day increased motor efficiency will be the next step in advancement, but not right now.


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