Jeep makes noises of an electric future.

Jeep makes noises of an electric future.

The short version:

  • Christian Meunier, Global President of Jeep, told Autocar that an electric Jeep could be in the future. 
  • “There are so many things we need to bring together to make Jeep a modern, contemporary brand that will break through and sustain for the next 80 years,” 
  • Meunier mentioned three models that are on the table: Renegade, Compass, and Wrangler. 
  • Currently, all three are in cold-weather testing in Sweeden. 
  • Jeep is considering both BEV and PHEV models. 
  • “Either you try to be compliant and do the bare minimum or you embrace it and go full speed on it,” said Meunier. “The latter is the way we should go, because we have the opportunity to make some really, really exciting products,”

So here’s the deal…I’m really glad to see Jeep getting on the electric vehicle bandwagon, but it’s about time. Basically, any mainstream car company that hasn’t announced a full BEV product by now is behind the curve. Jeep needs to step it up and start putting out some more solid timelines. 

Another thing this brings up; if I were Bollinger Motors I would be scared stiff of when Jeep releases an electric Rubicon. Please don’t misunderstand me, I like Bollinger Motors. They were one of the first to “release” (the quotes are because they haven’t actually released anything yet) a serious off-road electric vehicle. However, due to creative choices and an extremely high price, the B1 and B2 will only be collector cars. Once Jeep hits the market Bollinger will sell less than 30 vehicles a year.


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