Jaguar goes for Tesla's jugular to the tune of $3,000

The short version:

  •  Jaguar is offering any current Tesla owner $3,000 off the price of a new I-Pace.
  •  They are also offering the discount to any member of a Tesla owning household.
  •  The “Tesla Conquest” incentive can be combined with other incentives, lowering the price from $69,500 to $54,500.
  •  You don’t even have to trade in the Tesla, you only need to show proof of ownership.
  •  Jaguar is struggling to sell the I-Pace, and is hoping this will boost lack-luster numbers.

That’s a pretty bold move Jag. Specifically calling out a competitor is pretty…well…saucy. If they are trying to compete for the Model 3 crowd, the price is still a little high. If they are trying to compete for the Model S crowd, I don’t know if $3,000 off is really what makes the difference in the purchasing decision. Basically, I don’t think it will get Jaguar any additional sales, but it will put a little blemish in their brand.


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