It’s like Rocky 4…only with cars…and Germans…and nobody killed Apollo.

Elon Musk has announced that Tesla will bring the Model S to Nurburgring next week. There have been Teslas there before, but not officially, an not with professional drivers. This announcement comes on the same day that Porsche released the Taycan. 

And this ends the objective part of this story.

I don’t have anything against Porsche, but I do really like Tesla. I won’t go into all the reasons here, but I really like the company. I hope the Model S kicks the Taycan all over the track and here’s why. 

First, I’m so tired of everybody releasing a “Tesla Killer”. Granted this is largely a media, click-bait issue, but it’s over.  Nobody has released one yet, and I don’t expect anybody will do it anytime soon. Competitors, perhaps, but not killers. 

Second, Porsche putting “Turbo” on the back of the Taycan is pretty deceiving. The vehicle doesn’t have a turbocharger, and if I had a Porsche that did I’d be upset that the company was just throwing that label on anything they wanted to. Porsche should be confident enough in their vehicle to not pull garbage like that.

Third, the middle-class in me really likes the idea that more money doesn’t mean faster times. The Model S is significantly less expensive. I wouldn’t call it affordable by any means, but it’s still way less than the Taycan.

What do you think? Am I way off? Let me know in the comments.


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