It's like a French sculptor joined a motorcycle gang

The short version:

  •  French startup Newron has released photos of its new prototype electric motorcycle.
  •  Two things jump right out. First, curving wooden bodywork. Second, a large cylindrical battery pack.
  •  There aren’t a lot of pictures, and the details are a little thin.
  •  One feature being discussed is intelligent power control. The bike will manage energy usage to ensure you get to your destination.
  •  The goal right now is to produce 12 bikes in 2020 and ramp up from there.

Oh my goodness this bike looks good. Practical? Nope. Second rider? Not even close. Price going to be the GDP of a small country? Most assuredly. But if you are looking to have a bike that doesn’t look like anything else, this is it. The biggest thing for me is the battery pack. I love the upward cylinder. Can you imagine if those sections spun in counter-rotating directions? Dern ba!


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