It's Cybertruck Day!

It’s Cybertruck Day!

The short version

– Elon Musk will reveal Tesla’s truck tonight at 11:00 pm Eastern.

– The truck has been teased for 6 years, with Musk saying its the vehicle he is most excited about.

– The only official specs we know are that it will be Blade Runner inspired, Porsche-level performance, and utility that will make a Ford F-150 look like a Tonka truck.

– There have been nearly countless renders of the truck, but only two official images.

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Tesla. I don’t consider myself a fanboy, as I’m capable of recognizing the company’s mistakes, but I definitely believe they have changed the automotive industry forever, and I hope they keep doing it. That being said, this truck has me nervous. I really hope it isn’t too Blade Runner inspired. I don’t want a truck that looks like I’m trying to live in a videogame. If the truck is too crazy, that leaves us Rivian’s RT1, or the yet to be announced electric Ford F-150. Rivian looks great, but I’d rather lean on the experience Tesla has already gained. 

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