Is the new Tesla truck being built for a million miles?

Is the new Tesla truck being built for a million miles? 

The short version: 

  • Tesla has been making noise about their next battery lasting 1,000,000 miles. 
  • Last April Elon Musk said the new battery would be available next year. 
  • According to reports, reliability is the most important factor for truck buyers. 
  • Tesla’s truck announcement has been pushed back to November. 
  • InsideEVs believes that Tesla would release the 1,000,000 mile battery pack in the Tesla Truck

If Tesla does have a million-mile battery, and they are planning on putting it in one of their vehicles, doesn’t it stand to reason that Tesla thinks that vehicle can last 1,000,000 miles itself? I guess they could be saying that the battery will far outlast the vehicle, but that seems a little strange to me. There would need to be an entire strategy around transplanting your old battery into your new Tesla. Granted, a battery that is good for that many miles is good for a load of other things, but this isn’t being released as a Power Wall upgrade. What do you think Elon is up to on this one?


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