I want to take a "Ride With Lordstown"

Lordstown Motors has an ambitious, yet doable goal: build the first all-electric truck in America. Its first truck, named Endurance, is set to be released by the end of this year. To prep for this, the company is bumping up its marketing efforts and has released a new video, “Ride with Lordstown”. In the piece, Steve Burns, Lordstown Motors CEO, explains the spirit behind the company and the truck.

It’s a great feel-good marketing clip that makes. you want to wave an American flag for the hard-working people of Lordstown, Ohio. I’ve said from the beginning that we need more competition in the electric vehicle world, especially in the electric truck world. It’s important to remember just how ambitious that 2020 goal is. Currently, Lordstown Motors is still trying to secure funding for full-scale production. To the best of my knowledge, they don’t yet have a working prototype. My guess is that they are off by at least 18 months on that 2020 date. I’ll say it again, we won’t see a Lordstown truck in a regular person’s driveway until mid 2022.

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