Harley-Davidson LiveWire shorts out, but fires back up again.

LiveWire 2018. Spain

Harley-Davidson LiveWire shorts out, but fires back up again. 

The short version: 

  • Harley-Davidson has resumed manufacturing LiveWire electric motorcycles. 
  • The company had temporarily stopped production due to an “issue” with the charging equipment. 
  • HD says they have conducted tests and found the issue was a singular occurrence on one motorcycle. 
  • The company has alerted LiveWire owners that they can resume charging at home. 

I’m glad Harley-Davidson is being cautious, but I would really like to know what the “issue” was with charging. It must have been a big dean in order for them to stop production and notify owners they shouldn’t charge at home. Over-heating? Fire? We don’t know. The notification certainly cost HD revenue, but more than that, it puts a black eye on the LiveWire launch. 

What do you think Harley-Davidson needs to do to recover from this? 


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