FordPass might help Ford pass its competitors.

FordPass might help Ford pass its competitors. 

The short version: 

  • Ford is building a network of charging stations that Ford owners will have app-based access to. 
  • The network, called FordPass, represents a partnership between Ford, Electrify America, and Greenlots. 
  • The app can monitor a vehicle’s current state of charge and plan out efficient station-to-station routes. 
  • Ford owners will be able to pay for charging right through the app, as opposed to paying through the charging station operator. 

Ford is playing this one right. Many potential EV owners are still very worried about a charging network. Whether they can’t charge at home or they take road trips often, it’s high on their list of concerns. Ford needs to provide its customers with charging options, and it is smart to not try to build one from the ground up. Tieing into Electrify America and Greenlots will not only put Ford ahead of competitors, but it will also move the charging industry toward unification. 


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