Ford is maybe perhaps considering about possibly releasing an EV in the next 25 years.

The short version:

  • Ford and Lincoln may be planning mid-sized cross-over electric SUVs.
  •  Unofficial sources from Automotive News Canada say the cars will be similar to the Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus.
  • They will be built at the Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Michigan.
  • The vehicles will be the 2023 model year.

Yes, I’m glad to see more electric cars be introduced to the market, but it’s still hard for me to get excited about these huge car manufacturers showing up 5 years late to the game. For years they told us that they just couldn’t figure out how to build an electric car that went faster than 30 mph for 20 miles. Tesla shows up and says, “Watch me.” Then they all cry and moan that the Roadster wasn’t for the masses. Tesla releases the Model S. More complaining that it will never be mainstream, and that Tesla is behind schedule and a thousand other things. Then, when Tesla (and a few others) proved the market, these giant companies finally decide to slowly dip their toe in the water. Where was the innovation and courage that you were supposed to have? 

I’m sure these will be good cars, and many people will buy them because they are from a brand with history, but at the end of the day I still have a bitter taste in my mouth. 


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