Ford Invents Genius Car Cover That Charges Your EV

The short version:

  • Ford filed a patent for a car cover with integrated solar cells. 
  • The cells will be flexible and used to recharge an electric vehicle. 
  • The car cover will also go from a “slack stowage state into a tensioned function state”. 
  • The number of solar cells was not described in the patent. 

So here’s the deal… Ford is trying to develop a “Solar Cocoon” as they call it, but it’s in the very early stages. Typically I don’t like writing about patents and ideas. but this one caught my attention. Ford hasn’t really been leading the way in EV innovations, but it would be nice to see them make a contribution to the industry. 

Will the Solar Cocoon be that contribution? It seems way to early to tell. The patent doesn’t mention how many cells might be included, or what charging it could offer. It seems like it could be helpful to those living in rural areas, or depending on the size of storage, an emergency charging source. Something akin to having a gas can in the back of your truck. 


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