First Lexus all-electric car gets a reveal date (and a badge)

First Lexus all-electric car gets a reveal date (and a badge)

The short version:

– Lexus is set to reveal its first electric car on November 22nd

– The revelation will be made at the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition in China

– Hints suggest the car will be complete with an “Electric” badge on its fender

– In October, 2019, a conceptual design was released with luxurious and seemingly “over-the-top” features — while the true design will most likely be more realistic

As more auto manufacturers continue to make strides toward eco-friendly driving, the choice between regular vehicles and electric-powered vehicles will begin to sway more commonly to the latter. Therefore, any company who commits to an all-electric car design — especially one as luxurious as Lexus — will undoubtedly make an impact on the market as a whole.


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