EXCLUSIVE! Meet the Bollinger Trucks That Can Off-Road Like a Jeep and Haul Heavy

The short version:

  •  The Bollinger B2 is going to be a full-size pickup.
  •  Bollinger wants to be known for amazing off-road capability, and amazing storage.
  •  This will be the only class 3 EV on the market. 
  •  The payload for the B2 is going to be 5,000
  •  They are expecting to have units for sale in early 2021.

This video didn’t release any new information that wasn’t already on the website, but it was still really nice to see the factory and a conversation with Robert Bollinger. (And some color images for crying out loud!) You have to hand it to a company like this for just doing their own thing. Progress is slow and the marketing buzz has largely moved on, but they keep chugging away. They aren’t trying to compete on features or miles or look, or anything else. It’s a great story of a guy who didn’t like what was on the market, so he decided to build it himself (with an amazing team I’m sure). Although the B1 and B2 may be a little too niche for me, I wish the company great success. 


Level 3.2

Written by Jobindi

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