England takes a huge step in pushing EV adoption.

England takes a huge step in pushing EV adoption.

The short version:

  •  England is set to pass a new mandate stating every new home and office with a dedicated parking space would be required to install an EV charger.
  •  The additional cost will only add about $1,200 to each new home.
  •  The impact may not be as drastic as first expected. England doesn’t see a lot of new builds or renovations.
  •  The regulation comes from the government’s “Road to Zero” strategy. That calls for 100% of new cars and vans to be zero-emission by 2040.

Mixed feelings about this story. I have no doubt electric is the way to go, I’m just not sure how I feel about the government mandating people build charging ports into parking spaces. I prefer to do things because it makes sense, not because I’ve been made to do it. Either way, England is making a bold commitment to the electric revolution. 


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