Emflux doubles their bike offering, and hopes to hit deadlines

The short version:

  •  Emflux Motors has a working prototype electric motorcycle.
  •  The specs they are giving are 0-60 at 3 seconds, tops speed of 124 mph.
  •  It’s not very likely we will see a production model in 2019.
  •  With fast charging, one can reach 80% charge in 36 minutes.
  •  The expected price is $8,425.
  •  The company also announced the Emflux Two, a street-fighter which will be released in 2021

I for one get excited when I see companies like this announce prototypes. It’s true that most of them will never see production, but it’s a numbers game. The more that announce, the more other companies want to bring a product to market, the more hype there is, the more adoption there will be. Here’s to hoping for Emflux.


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