Elon, please don't do this to us.

Elon, please don’t do this to us. 

The short version: 

  • There is a new render from the same person who developed the Ram-Tesla. 
  • This one tries to be more true to the information that we already know. 

Oh please, please don’t be true. I know this is a short post with not a lot of info, but two things made me want to put this on the site. First, I really hate this design. The only things I like about it are the tires and the wench. The the second reason: as the article says, this may be the most accurate render we have seen. It takes into account all the hints that Elon Musk has dropped from the thin light bar to the “It’s not going to be for everybody.” comment. Well you got that right. If this really is what’s announced in November, you can expect to see Rivian’s orders skyrocket. 

This truck would need to have a range of 1,000 miles, tow 50,000 lbs in a real-world setting, and cost much less than an F-150 to pull in any serious sales numbers. We have already seen companies try to sell ugly EVs and failing miserably. In order to overcome those horrible lines it would need to have functionality off the charts. 

Elon, don’t fall off the deep end on this one. If this is the truck you release, please have something a little more mainstream in your back pocket and get it to market quickly.

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